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Hi darlings! I'm Muriel Gutgold, I'm so glad you chose me, I don't even have to buy any jewelry.
You chose to look a little at the transition, about who I am and how it all started! 

I'm Muriel Gutgold,

So how did it all start?

I came from a home that lacked nothing, I grew up in the village of Shmariahu yes yes the village of Shmariahu.

The best Calabrian in the country, by my fault.

I always knew there was something beyond our eyes.

I knew there was a higher power here but I didn't know or rather I didn't want to believe it.

I knew that if I researched the way I like I would be swept away. It's a little scary to suddenly throw your life away until the age of 18, but I did it anyway, in the army things started to clear up, I started getting messages of one kind or another about the real world.


What do I have to do with this I asked myself?

Enough God I don't want to know too many things! I want to be a normal 18-year-old girl!!! (Why do I deserve all this goodness in other words?)

"I got carried away"  I started getting closer to religion,

Hearing Torah lessons, researching the whole subject of the messages, I started learning a lot of Torah, sitting and reading and I feel that it just fills me up.

People thought I was crazy, well she'll get over it soon... but no, I didn't get over it and it's a good thing! I started studying Jewish psychology. (3 years!)

I discovered Rabbi Nachman the fixer of souls,

Rabbi Nachman carried me away after the joy, after the simplicity, which made me more and more curious, what is so addicting to me? A flight to Uman and again a flight and the next two times again and again spending a trip I know that God let me go through all this so that I could reach this place that I am here. Pass on my story.

There is one truth in heaven that the name is great! that there is simply no other than Him.

What I wrote is not even close to the point.

So thank you for choosing me.

Always here at your service

תודה, נשלח בהצלחה

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